Testing the API using IPython notebook

To make the first tests of our API easy, we made an IPython notebook to run training and recognition easily. If you do not know IPython notebooks, take a look, it is a powerful tool for developers. Here is a screenshot of our notebook:

api notebook test


The package comes with a set of images and the only thing you need to do is insert your API key. If you didn’t receive one, but would like to test our API, please contact us.

Download frAPI notebook (2.5MB)


It is obvious that you need to have IPython installed in your system. A couple of other python libraries are also needed, you can install it using pip:

pip install ipython requests requests-toolbelt matplotlib

You will also need OpenCV for plotting, but it is easy to install. If you are running Linux, you can install it using apt-get:

sudo apt-get install python-opencv

For Windows, you can use the installer and for Mac you can use brew.


Just go to the folder which you extracted the demo and run:

ipython2 notebook

That should open the IPython notebook in your browser. In it you should see our demo called Facial Recognition API – test notebook. Please contact us if you have any troubles. Have fun!

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